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Adding Home Staging to Your Interior Design Business

Home Staging is a great business for those who enjoy working with properties, homeowners, builders, sellers, and real estate agents. It is not an “easy” business, although many people think it must be because Stagers make it look easy. What the public does NOT see is the work that goes into building a successful business and running a Staging project.

Understanding the industry and what it takes to succeed, as well as using the resources available to you will ensure you have a proper foundation for long term success.

If you are an Interior Designer and want to add Home Staging to your business, watch this webinar. In the one hour of time, you will learn:

  • What is the big deal about Home Staging?
  • How does Home Staging differ from Interior Design?
  • Why would I want to add Home Staging?
  • What is the business potential for Home Staging?
  • What do I need to get Started in Home Staging?
  • What groups do I need to join?
  • Resources I need to be successful in Home Staging

Please take a moment to let us know who you are so we can follow up with you after you watch the webinar. Click on the link below.


Once you complete the webinar, if you have ANY questions, please email [email protected]. To learn more about IAHSP® and the resources provided to industry members, go to www.IAHSP.com.

For information on education for Staging, go to www.Stagedhomes.com where you can learn more about Home Staging Business Courses that are available to you, and why getting education specifically for Staging is crucial.