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Buyer Trends Specialist Course

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The BTS Logo indicates someone is an EXPERT on Buyer Trends in Real Estate.

In this course, we provide a detailed overview and training on buyer trends, demographics and what factors impact the buyer as they experience the home environment while shopping for a home to purchase. Many factors impact a buyer’s decision, from the color and tones used in paint, fabrics and materials. To the way a room is utilized to display the room to appear full and open. Over the years homeowners have had many styles, that do and don’t last, or go out of fashion. Today’s buyers have many expectations that will make of break the sale of the home.

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Course Overview:

  1. Main demographic groups
  2. Who buys what and why
  3. How you will be found for business
  4. Design Trends
  5. Terminology
  6. Color trends – Exterior and Interior
  7. What is in and out of trend
  8. Material trends- Flooring, fixtures, counters, hardware, appliances, and cabinets
  9. Top improvements for the highest rate of return
  10. Resources for Purchasing items and saving $$

Upon completion of the course, you will receive:

  • The BTS Logo (PNG File) for use on your website, email, signage, etc
  • An Authenticated BTS Designation Certificate (PDF)
  • Handouts referenced in the course and Style Sheets• A PDF Copy of the Presentation
  • PDF Copy of the 2023 Staging & Design Trends Presentation

Getting Registered is as easy as 1-2-3:

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Step 3: Pay and complete your registration

For more information please call 844-IAHSP99 or email [email protected].