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FAST Track

FAST Track – Focused Accelerated Stager Training

You completed your basic training and earned your ASP® Designation & Accreditation. Congratulations! It is an achievement that for some can be both exciting and daunting when they have not owned and operated a successful Staging business. We want to help YOU! Now it is time for FAST Track Sessions where we break down specific aspects of Business and Marketing into smaller modules of information that allow to really explore the topic. Business & Marketing FAST Track Sessions will give you the information you need to establish a successful business with proper systems to support you as you grow, and marketing guidance to know what to do to best promote your business now and into the future.

Logos and Branding

Logo Design & Brand Development including Color Selection, Design elements, Material Development and Production, Identifying your UNIQUE Brand, and Resources for Graphic Design help.

E – Newsletters

This is a key way to promote your business and services to key clients and be the Chosen One. Includes creating your Contact Database, Content for your marketing newsletters, formatting ideas and Resources & Examples of newsletters.

Role Playing and Scripting

Includes Identifying Top Client Concerns and practicing How to overcome them. At tendees are provided scripts via emai l once session is completed. Remember: Practice makes perfect.

Marketing to the Personalities

Covers understanding basic Temperaments/Personalities, How to identify them, Hot buttons by type, and How to work with various Temperaments/Personalities in order to have best success with your clients.

Making Effective Presentations

This session will teach How to construct and effective presentation, Confidence building skills, Content, Flow, Follow up and Ideas for scheduling presentations.

Marketing Bundle

Overcoming Objections

What is Fear? Your Self Talk, Identifying Your Fear Blockers. What to do when someone says NO Dealing with Prospects, What No Really Means, and 7 Reasons Why Sales People Fail.

Vacant Staging Project Planner

How to manage a Vacant Staging project from first client contact to successful destage. Includes Lifecycle of a Vacant Project, The KEY 16 Planning Steps, and includes a Inventory planning spreadsheet sent after completion.

Business Planning and Goal Setting

This is a DOUBLE SESSION (2 hrs) that will go over The 3 P’s for a Successful Business, What is a Vision and why you need one, What is a Mission and how it can help your business, How to write SMART Business Goals, Writing Business Action Plans that keep you on track.

Getting Paid Systems & Resources

Getting paid by our clients with streamlined systems that ensure you are in control of your money flow is crucial for your success and peace of mind. This session will review Various payment methods, Writing a strong and iron-clad Staging Agreement, Online payment options, Merchant accounts, and How to handle potential challenges.

Mastering Social Media

Member Business Session Bundle

Registering is easy and quick. These Bootcamps will be offered in a cycle that spans a 5 week period of time. Select the BUNDLE option and SAVE $$. Bootcamps are $59 per module for ASP® Graduates. Bootcamps are taught on Tues an Thurs – 1 hour and 15 minutes long and are WEBINAR based. More Bootcamp topics will be added soon!

Bootcamps are taught by Stagedhomes.com President & CEO & ASP®-ASPM® Course Trainer, Jennie Norris, Exec VPs & ASP® Course Trainers, Bette Vos & Lyn Spaeth, and ASP® Course Trainer, Kathy Fauth.