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We will post the VIDEOS of the shows on this site so you can WATCH them again!

Ever wonder WHO actually CLEANS up after big, gross messes? Biohazard (human or animal waste, remains) or Trash – from Hoarders, PackRats, Situations where people have died – all those things we might think about from time to time or see in a movie – and there are companies that deal with this every day! Meet Maddison Cordova of Spaulding Decon – a nationwide company (franchise) you can call when you need this type of help! PLUS we give updates on IAHSP events and more!

If you are struggling with your business growth and getting to the next level – this segment is for YOU! Two powerhouse Staging business owners, Sandra Holmes and Blair Hamaty, join me to talk about the Masters-Scale Course and why you need to take time to get education that will help YOU advance your success.

EPISODES:  These are in chronological order and saved so you can watch them as many times as you would like!

Those Who Market – Make It – Series 5: Learn the FINAL Step in increasing leads, sales and revenue through strategic marketing that is guaranteed to work – and does not cost you tons of money.

Those Who Market – Make It – Series 4: Learn the THIRD step in increasing sales through strategic marketing that is guaranteed to bring you more business.

Those Who Market – Make It – Series 3: Learn the SECOND step in increasing sales through strategic marketing that is guaranteed to bring you more business.

Those Who Market – Make It – Series 2: Learn the FIRST step in increasing sales through strategic marketing that is guaranteed to bring you more business.

Home Staging Talk Show – Those Who Market – Make It – Series 1

Home Staging Talk Show – 2022 HOME STAGING INDUSTRY STATS REVEAL with Featured Guest, Kevin Htain

Featured Guests: Clusivi Founders – Cedric Lipsey and Ty Ono sharing how better manage finances and purchases for your business using their platform.

Featured Guests: SIDC – Staging Industry Diversity Coalition Leaders share updates on how our industry has moved forward in awareness and areas where we still need to focus. Plug in to learn more!

Featured Guest: Sanja Radovanovic – President of IAHSP Europe gives us updates on what is happening with Staging in Europe, how IAHSP-EU is helping grow the professionalism and partnerships for Home Stagers and how they support all industry pros. Plus – our upcoming IAHSP-EU Conference updates! (fast forward to 7:48 as the sound was not working at the start)

Featured Guest: Paloma Harrington – IAHSP Global Operations Director – learn what is happening around the globe with Staging and how IAHSP is leading the way!

Featured Guests: Jim Eberhard from FluidTruck.com – a way for people to easily find truck, vans, and other vehicles to rent and return from many locations in and around cities. Not like renting a truck from Uhaul, this is fast, affordable, easy, and convenient.

Featured Guests: JoAnne Lenart Weary and Sandra Racz – TRENDS – What is IN and OUT for 2022 and beyond.

Featured Guest: Nikki Watson – The DesignQuad

Hear all about how Nikki has built a HUGE business (staged over 1200 houses in 2021), how she builds her vision, her HGTV show, how she got started, and her newest venture: ReStart Marketing Agency

Episode 120: Featured Guest: Kat Troulinos

Episode 119: Hear all the exciting updates for our upcoming conference, for the awards, and also we talk about Marketing your business and how to shift your messaging to match what is going on in YOUR market as things change.

Episode 118: Joseph Haecker joins us to talk about Marketing, Connecting with others to leverage relationships, and Join InCrowd.

Episode 117: Featured Guest: Karen Mendenhall joins us to talk about Occupied Home Staging.

Episode 116: Featuring the SIDC – Staging Industry Diversity Coalition members where we get a great update on where we are a 18 months after the formation, and then DESHAUNA BARBER joins us to share a little about her background and what she will cover as one of our KEYNOTE Speakers at our 2021 IAHSP Family Reunion Conf & EXPO!

Episode 115 – Featuring Ravi Hutheesing and Bridget King – both speaking at our 2021 IAHSP Conference & EXPO. We talk about the importance of pivoting and the mindset you need to stay viable in business long term.

Episode 114: Special Guest Marianne Cherico talks about working with Realtors and why Stagers struggle making the connection. She is one of our Featured Speakers at the 2021 IAHSP Conference & EXPO

Episode 113: Special Guest June Carter talks about Why Coaching is Important – and her upcoming Featured Speaker presentation at the 2021 IAHSP Conference & EXPO

Episode 112: Staging Hits and Missses: The Importance of Artwork that is the right scale and style with John Reagan

Episode 111: Staging HITS and MISSES with John Reagan. This episode we dish about Bedrooms! Watch and learn what to do and not to do in Staging.

Episode 110: Staging HITS and MISSES Part 2 – All about Living Rooms with Special Guest: John Reagan

Episode 109: All about Marketing, Cultivating Relationships with Realtors, Gaining Business, and The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Home Staging.

Episode 108 – Staging HITS and MISSES with John Reagan

Episode 107: Negotiating the Sale – John Norris, and Join In Crowd – Joseph Haecker

Episode 106: Closing the Sale – Featured Guest: Christa Jessup

Episode 105: Home Staging Talk Show LIVE – Last 2020 Episode featuring Sandra Holmes, Lyn Spaeth and Bette Vos

Episode 104 with Special Guest: Nikki Watson who has a huge business in the Dallas area. She talks about how she grew her 7 figure business in about 18 months – and I labeled her “Fearless.” Watch and learn!

Episode 103 – with Special Guest, Blair Hamaty who shares about how and why we need to develop other niches of business.

Episode 102: Orlando Reyes Sr shares about Hispanic/Latino/Mexican Culture and things we need to mindful of when we work with these clients.

Episode 101: Special Guest – Marianne Cherico – Mindset and Marketing

Episode 100: Special Guest – Deborah Plowden – SIDC Update and Business Success

Episode 99: Special Guest – June Carter – Senior Staging Specialist Course and the importance of Coaching

Episode 98: Special Guests – Carl Dismukes, Sandy Earnhart, and Kathryn Swan

Episode 97: Tori Toth and Robyn Graham – Video and Image Branding

Episode 96: Featured Guests Amy Powers and Amber Griffiths – join us as we talk about adding Short Term Rental Staging as a Niche service – and Marketing & Branding your Persona!

Episode 95: Featured Guest Melissa Galt – Join us as we talk about Mindset and how Attitude impacts Success!

Episode 94: Featuring Guest Kevin Htain who gives us a sneak peek into his IAHSP Conference & EXPO presentation on understaging Asian Culture and Feng Shui.

Episode 93: Building a Heart-Centered Business with Special Guest: Ilana Weismark

Episode 92: Team Members and How to Hire Great Ones – Kat Troulinos

Episode 91: 5 Day Stager Challenge and Going from Marketing to Sales with Guest: Catherine Lewis-Brown

Episode 90: Marketing Your Business – Part 2 – with special guest: Shay Kent

Episode 89: “I took a course, named my company and have a website, why don’t I have any business?” Marketing! Theresa Thomas is the special guest.

Episode 88: Diversity, Discrimination and How Our Industry Can Be Part of the Change – Special Launch of SIDC – Staging Industry Diversity Coalition. Special Guest: Deborah Plowden

Episode 87: Staying Positive and Productive During these unique times – with Special Guests: Blair Hamaty and Kat Troulinos

Episode 86: Staying Positive and Productive During these unique times – with Special Guests: Kevin Htain, Theresa Ceglio and Andrea Faber.

Episode 85: Virtual Events and Video Branding with Special Guest: Joseph Haecker – The Live Broadcast Network

Episode 84: 2020 Home Staging Industry Statistics – presented by Jennie Norris, IAHSP Chairwoman

Episode 83: Social Media and Your Business with Jonny Fowler!

Episode 82: Short Term Rental Specialist Course with Amy Powers, and Business Success and MINDSET with Scott Hansen

Episode 81: Color and Design Principles for Stagers- with featured guests: JoAnne Lenart-Weary and Sandra Racz, and Sherwin Williams Anna Maddamma.

Episode 80: Covid19 and your Business Insurance – with special Guests Mike Brown and Bob Dietzel from KMRD Partners

Episode 79: Guest Jennifer Schulze from Sagebrook Home and Covid19 – Coronovirus and Your Small Business and what we can do to thrive during this time.

Episode 78: Chris Widener – BUSINESS KEYNOTE SPEAKER for IAHSPConEXPO.com and June Carter, GYST Solutions and IAHSP Business Coach. The first part of this video the camera was not working for Jennie but about 20 min in gets fixed. . . the yellow screen shows and there is great audio content so make sure to listen!

Episode 77: Ravi Hutheesing – KEYNOTE SPEAKER for our IAHSP Global Diversity Expert Designation and Edi Keech, Blueprint4Staging Business Owner

Episode 76: Paloma Harrington-Griffin and Expansion of Home Staging around the world with a special focus on BRAZIL

Episode 75: Marianne Cherico and Amber Griffiths – MARKETING and BRANDING

Episode 74: Business Logistics and Team Building – Special Guest – Renee Helten

Episode 73: LIVE from NYC – Inman Conference!

Episode 72: Jennifer from Sagebrook Home and Social Media – Lauren Norris

Episode 71: Let’s Talk Industry Standards – What is the PSPMO? With Special Guest: Jana Uselton

Episode 70: Let’s Talk Cashing in on Decorating with Special Guests: JoAnne Lenart Weary and Sandra Racz

Episode 69: Featuring Jospeh Haecker and JoAnne Lenart Weary

Episode 68: Alexandra Mulet from Cubiqz is interviewed about their alternative Staging furniture options

Special Video: Jennie Norris is interviewed by Jana Uselton – and they discuss upcoming events and Industry Standards.

Episode 67: Recap of our 2019 IAHSP Conference and Chaz Silva- Classic Home – live from High Point Market

Episode 66: Featuring Leslie Kramer and Catherine Lewis Brown

Episode 65: Featuring Jenny Abrama, Sandra Holmes, Mike Brechtel of Coaster Fine Furniture

Episode 64: Featuring Kathy Connelly of Couture Cashmere and Kevin Htain

Episode 63: Featuring Kristie Barnett – The Decorologist

Episode 62: Featuring June Carter and Becky Harmon

Episode 61: Featuring Guest Tori Toth – Video Visibility and Lifestyle Branding

Episode 60: Featuring Melissa Marro and JoAnne Lenart Weary

Episode 59: Featuring Jennie Norris – What Are You Paying Me For? A Breakdown of the 4 Staging Service Areas and WHY our VALUE justifies what we are paid!

Episode 58: Featuring Johnathan Miller and June Carter – Marketing and Branding Tips and IAHSP Coaching Program

Episode 57: Featuring John Reagan – REALTOR and Master ASP Stager discusses how Stagers need to approach Realtors, and Marketing Tips for Properties

Episode 56: Marketing and Branding and IAHSP-EU Update Featuring Amber Griffiths and Sanja Radovanovic, IAHSP EU President

Episode 55:  Featuring CANDICE OLSON – Our Celebrity KEYNOTE Speaker for IAHSP Conference & EXPO – Plus Kat Troulinos!

Episode 54:  Featuring JoAnne Lenart-Weary and Sandra Racz – Talking about COLOR and E-services

Episode 53:  Featuring CARSON KRESSLEY – our Keynote Speaker for IAHSP Conference & EXPO – Celebrity Designer and Fashion Expert, PLUS Jana Uselton and Barb Schwarz!

Special Interview – May 7, 2019  – Jennie Norris on RAVE’s Show with Melissa Marro – Talking about Home Staging, IAHSP and Business Success

Episode 52:  Staging & Remodeling with Lisa Basham and Staging, Organizing, Working with Seniors and Coaching with June Carter

This segment had a little audio issue in beginning but was fixed within 7 minutes

Episode 51:  Business Success, Marketing and working with Realtors –  with Marianne Cherico – Coaching by Marianne and Melissa Marro – RAVE Staging & Design. 

Episode 50:  Your Decorating & Staging DNA – With Special Guest – JoAnne Lenart-Weary

Episode 49:  Home Staging and the Pricing Struggle – with Special Guest Catherine Lewis-Brown.

Episode 48:  Overcoming the #1 Concern for Staging – Price – with special guest:  Zoom Casa – Fred Bin – one of IAHSP’s new industry Parnters.

There is NO Episode 47 – that was the day Facebook Crashed. And after doing that # episode 4 times, I finally decided to just move on.

Epidsode 46:  The Rise of the Young Stager – How the Industry is Attracting Gen Z – with special guest: Kimberly Swan of Staging Oklahoma and the Black Swan Boutique

Episode 45: The Rise of the Young Stager – How the Industry is Attracting Gen Z – with special Guest: Joseph Sipp – Systematic Home Staging

Episode 44: The Rise of the Young Stager – How the Industry is Attracting Gen Z” With Guest Liv Conlon from the UK

Episode 43: Part 5 of our 5 part Series on Types of Staging Businesses – Assistant Staging Members – featuring Linda Lanci, Order in the House Staging, and Barb Schwarz, The Creator Of Home Staging sharing about her soon to be released book, “Staging the World.”

Episode 42: Part 4 of a 5 Part Series on Types of Staging Businesses: Owner Occupied Hands-on Staging featuring Lyn Spaeth on conf call

Episode 41: Part 3 of a 5 Part Series on Types of Staging Businesses: Stagers who have Full Service Companies and do NOT have a Warehouse – partnering with a 3rd party rental provider instead – Featuring Jennie Norris and Jackie Krupp, and Melonie from Paragon Artwork

Episode 40: Part 2 of a 5 Part Series on Types of Staging Businesses: Stagers Who Own Warehouses – Featuring Theresa Thomas and Kevin Htain, and Brian Hall from Feizy Rugs

Episode 39:  Part 1 of a 5 Part Series on Types of Staging Businesses:  The Walk Away with Mary Scalli and our Vendor Sponsor Guest – Ronnie Jaffar of Dalyn Rugs

Episode 38: Home Staging Talk Show Live Teaser – and announcements of our 2019 Conference Ticket Sales, and Cape Code Trip Auction to benefit the IAHSP Foundation!

Episode 37: Perception vs Reality – What it REALLY Takes to Run a Successful Staging Project – Trish & Young Kim, and Mike Bechtel – Coaster Furniture.

Episode 36: Happy Halloween! Join the fun as we talk with Kimberly Swan about her launch of the Black Swan Boutique in Oklahoma City!

Episode 35: IAHSP Conference ReCap – and Kristie Barnett – Psychological Staging

Episode 34: IAHSP CONFERENCE SET UP! Go behind the scenes at the Home Staging Industry Event of the Year!!

Episode 33:  Photography with Hayden Yates and Social Media with Kate the Socialite – Kate Gruenke!

Episode 32:  High Point Market – Special Events information with Joseph Haecker from Design Talk Live!

Epidsode 31: Design Trends with Special Guest: MaryJo Camp

Episode 30: LIVE from the Masters Course in Plymouth Massachusetts!

Episode 29: Artist Guild of America and Margaret Gehr – Planning the Expansion of Your Business

Part 2: Episode 29

Episode 28:  How to Cultivate REALTOR Relationships with special Guest: Margaret Innis 

Episode 27:  Your Business Vision, and special guests Jordan Lewis with RST Brands and Debbie Boggs with The Staging Studio

Epidsode 26: Staging the World – Learning about the upcoming book and how YOU can be in it! with Special Guest: Barb Schwarz

Episode 26: Part 2 – Staging the World – Learning about the upcoming book – Guest Barb Schwarz[su_spacer size=”10″]

Episode 25:  All About COLOR – with Special Guests Margaret Innis and JoAnne Lenart Weary

Episode 24:  Worldwide Staging Service Week and Feizy Rugs – with Brian Hall!


Episode 23: Breaking In To the Builder Market – with Guest: Kat Troulinos


Episode 22: Closing the Sale – with Special Guests: John Norris – The Negotiator and Christa Jessup – The Closer.

Episode 21: Protecting Your Business – Insurance and Staging Agreements with Special Guests: Bob Johnson – SRM Insurance and Mike Brown – KMRD Insurance

Episode 20:  Overcoming Challenges and SPECIAL BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!


Episode 19: Understanding Demographics of Buyers – Who is Buying What and Why? with Guest Host: Kevin Htain, Identity Home Staging and Guest: Edi Keech, Staging Puget Sound

Episode 18: Expanding Your Business – Adding Services, Locations and Growing For the Future – With Guests:  Rebecca Henderson, Leslie Kramer, Blair Hamaty and Mary Scalli

Episdoe 17:  TRENDS – What’s IN and What’s OUT in Your Market with guests Edi Keech and Theresa Vallier Thomas

Episode 16: Mindset Strategies for Success and Selling Methods of the Masters – Featuring guests Naheed Oberfeld and Fred Berns.

Episode 15: Remodeling and Renovation – Adding this service to your Business – with Featured Guests: Sheila Dragon and Margaret Innis.

Episode 14: May 23, 2018 – Marketing & Sales Mindset Strategies with Guest: Scott Hansen, Best Selling Author, Business Coach, and Host of “Success Hackers” Podcast – and the Business Keynote Speaker for our 2018 IAHSP Conference & EXPO in Charlotte – Oct 18-20!

Episode 13:  May 16, 2018 – Know Your Numbers – Tracking Stats for Business Planning & Growth, and Marketing Purposes – with Guest Melissa Marro, RAVE Staging & Design.

Episode 12:  May 9, 2018 – The WORLD of Staging – What is happening around the Globe with Guests:  Sanja Radovanovic, IAHSP Europe President and Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging, Founder of IAHSP and IAHSP Global Goodwill Ambassador

Episode 11: May 2, 2018 – Mastering Your Staging Business – with Guests: Karen Mendenhall, Mary Beth Francisco, Kathryn Swan and Kimberly Swan – live from Plymouth MA – Setting the Space Design Center and Store!

Episode 10:  April 25, 2018 –  Your Decorating DNA – with Guest: JoAnne Lenart Weary

Episode 9:  April 18, 2018 – All About Photography and the Importance of Visual Presentation – with Guest Host: Kevin Htain – featuring Hayden Yates, Michael Asgian, Craig Sauer, and Lance Selgo who all shared various aspects of Photography from Digital, Aerial, Matterport and more!

Episode 8:  April 11, 2018 – All About Consultations – with Guests Catherine Lewis Brown and Christopher Corder

Episode 7: April 4, 2018 – Social Media Strategies and Success with Guests: Carrie Jo Little and Lauren Norris

EPISODE 6: Mar 28, 2018 – Pricing Strategies and Mindset for Profitability and Success featuring Catherine Lewis-Brown, The Successful Stager, and Marianne Cherico, Coaching by Marianne.


Special Episode Featuring Kelli Ellis, Celebrity Designer Star on HGTV and The Design Network (TDN) who is a rock star in the industry!  And Joseph Haecker – Dezignwall.com and Dezign Talk Live Host of his weekly Facebook Broadcast.   Both are joining us in Charlotte for our IAHSP Conference & EXPO!

EPISODE 5Business Planning & Goal Setting, Business Management and Time Management – featuring guests Kathy Fauth, Lakeitha Smith and June Carter!!  This is an informative segment for anyone that needs to improve in these 3 areas – which is ALL of us!!  Be ready to take some notes as there are great nuggets of wisdom in what each person shared!

Special Episode – THE SCOTT BROTHERS – LIVE – on Dezign Talk Live – with Joseph Haecker and Kelli Ellis.  We set up this LIVE segment with our KEYNOTE SPEAKERS and had them on this Live Broadcast on Facebook for maximum exposure!  Make sure to watch the Lip Sync Battle where Drew & Jonathan show off their moves!  And then listen to Kelli Ellis talk about Home Staging, Business, Marketing & Branding, and lastly, Jennie Norris, Chairwoman for IAHSP shares about the event and insights into the Home Staging industry as well!

Episode 4: Getting into the Head of our ClientsWhat REALTORs Really Want – with Guest Host: Kevin Htain featuring guests Gary Krill Jr., Kay Pratt, and John Norris

Episode 3:  March 7, 2018Forget Millionaire Listing, Let’s Talk Million Dollar Staging BusinessBuilding your 7 Figure Staging Empire!  Featured guests:  Blair Hamaty – Setting the Space, Young Kim – Staged Interior, and Leslie & Lee Ann Kramer – Traditions Home Staging

Episode 2: Feb 28, 2018 – Vacant Home Staging – Planning – Process – Presentation featuring guests Courtney Schomburg – Inhance It Home Staging, Theresa Vallier Thomas – Stage Right Home Staging, and Andrea Chennisi – Houston’s Delightful Designs

Epidsode 1:  Feb 21, 2018 – Staging Business Ownership – True Tales of Trials and Successes and what you WISH you had known before getting started – featuring Kevin Htain, Identity Home Staging and Edi Keech, Staging Puget Sound


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