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IAHSP Coaching Program

IAHSP® wants our members to succeed and thrive. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing resources that allow you to achieve your goals, we have launched a Coaching Program with one of the top industry coaches, June Carter, who will help YOU define your personal goals, and who you are relative to Home Staging and life.

June is a CPC, Certified Productivity Coach, International Coaching Federation ACC Level Coach.

GYST* Solutions Home Stager Coaching Definition:  Home Staging creates the opportunity to allow a buyer to see themselves living in that home.  Home Stager Coaching creates the opportunity for the Stager to see themselves as they can be in their business. 

GYST* Solutions Home Stager Coaching provides a collaborative, thought-provoking path and creates the opportunity for the Home Stager to see the possibilities.  Home Stager Coaching empowers the Home Stager to achieve their potential in your life, business, and home.   

June Conboy Carter

Business Coach:

  • Certified Productivity Coach,  Institute For Applied Coaching
  • International Coaching Federation ACC Level Coach
  • Holistic Strategy Coaching/Home Stager Coach 
  • Certified Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP®) Course Trainer
  • Member NAPO, National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals: Certified Professional Organizer, CPO, NAPO Specialist Workplace Productivity, NAPO Specialist Residential Organizing 
  • Member IAHSP®, International Association of Home Staging Professionals® 
  • Accredited Staging Professional Master® (ASPM®) 

What makes our Home Stager Coaching different: 

  1. Others call themselves coaches for home stagers but may not have coaching training, accreditation or certifications.  I am a CPC, Certified Productivity Coach, International Coaching Federation ACC Level Coach.
  2. I am also a graduate of the Coach Approach foundation program, which includes five comprehensive courses: Coaching Essentials, Strength-Based Coaching, Brain-Based Coaching, Life & ADHD Coaching,and Organizer Coach Integration.  This represents 27 weeks of course work spread over more than a year, during which students first coached practice clients – and eventually integrated coaching into their organizing work.  Each COC has received extensive trainer feedback, taken two written exams, and passed two ACC-level coaching assessments of their coaching competence: one live and one of a recorded session.
  3. Home Stager Coaching, is not mentoring. Mentoring is an experienced Home Stager telling someone what to do based on the mentor’s experience.  That is a great service to offer and experience to have when building a business. However, when I mentor within a coaching session and I always ask if it is ok, and tell the coachee that I am removing my coaching hat and putting on my mentoring hat. As a coach I don’t tell anyone anything.  Each person’s answers and solutions are different.  It is up to the coaching process to let that unfold.  
  4. Home Stager Coaching lets the stager be themselves not a cookie cutter image of other’s ideas of how to be a Home Stager. 

Coaching vs mentoring: The difference can be summarized as follows:

A coach has some great questions for your answers; a mentor has some great answers for your questions.”

Once you are certified as a Home Stager now what?  No two Home Staging businesses are alike.  Home Stager Coaching will allow you to define your individuality in your business. Each person’s business is as individual and unique as they are. Working with a trained and experienced coach will help you find your inspiration to create what your Home Staging business could look like for you.


We offer three (3) options for you for coaching – see which one you like best and get signed up with June.

1 hour and a half power session at $220: TOFY, Time Out For You

6 sessions is $1100:  SBC, Staging Business Coaching  

12 sessions is $2000: SLICE, Staging & Life Included: Coaching for Everything 

Yes space is limited.  Register now to secure your spot.  Email
[email protected]

There is an intake and assessment to be completed and June will be the one to do that with prospective Coaching clients.


From RM:  “\Working with June as my coach is like business therapy!

From MK: I recently had my first initial session with June and it was packed with thought-provoking ideas and creative planning. I felt encouraged and confident after only 1 session! June asked pertinent questions that led me to “an optimistic anticipation of things to come”….the definition of hope! Thank you, June!…’til next time!

From MV: June gave me good advice to how to tackle my problem, gave me some options so I can make an informed decision. Thanks June

From BP: When I had my initial meeting with June I was a critical place with regard to my Home Staging start-up.  I literally had three different paths to pursue, and no one but me to pursue them.  I was almost paralyzed with self-doubt, fear, and over thinking. I had no idea what to expect when June and I sat down.  June asked a few questions and shortly grasped my business and the big picture, it’s obvious she has been in the business world and has a brilliant business mind. Within an hour, we had my direction identified, short term goals and tasks written down and a direction.  I am an idea/big picture person who struggles with details, I react to what needs to happen. June helped me organize everything that was in my head to a clear and concise “next step”. I will absolutely continue to work with her.  I think June could help anyone in the business world.  Thank you!

From LP: I am a new Home Stager, in business for only 6 months. I am great at design. Making presentations and selling myself, not so much. June has been incredible. She has helped assuage my concerns and anxieties about public speaking and building confidence.

From NL: June was a pleasure to speak with! From our conversation on the phone she was able to give me a clear direction of what I need to do to launch my Home Staging career. I will be working with her again soon!

From LG: I am just starting my career as a professional organizer and home stager in need of guidance, so I decided to take a coaching session with June. She is excellent at asking the right questions, communicating, and help you see what steps to take.

From TH:  I am just starting my career as a professional organizer and home stager in need of guidance, so I decided to take a coaching session with June. She is excellent at asking the right questions, communicating, and help you see what steps to take.

From TM:  It was a pleasure to be coached by June ! I am a French Home Stager we were talking by messenger. I learned many things with June and thanks to her I am now more confident for my Home Staging Business. I recommend her for sure!

From PK: June was extremely helpful and insightful about my concerns and questions and keeping me focused on the BIG picture. She helped me with clarity, sorting out URGENT vs IMPORTANT. Thank you June for helping me focus on the important things and sorting it all out!

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