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IAHSP Foundation

The IAHSP® Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves as the source for funds for Worldwide Staging Service Week® (WWSSW®).  The IAHSP® Foundation provides funds for IAHSP® Regional Chapters around the world in support of what the chapter members do for their service projects for WWSSW®.

Worldwide Staging Service Week® projects have been conducted since 2005 when our IAHSP® Founder created the IAHSP® Foundation and an annual goal of giving back to those less fortunate.  Throughout the years, our members in IAHSP® Regional Chapters have contributed over $5 Million in donations of services, time and goods for a variety of entities, individuals and groups.  To learn more about WWSSW®, please go to https://iahsp.com/wwssw

Donations to the IAHSP® Foundation are tax deductible, and can be provided all year long through our site portal.  The majority of our fund raising occurs during our IAHSP® Conference when we auction off items to help raise money in support of the Foundation.  The IAHSP Foundation EIN# can be provided upon request.  Our formation documents provided by the IRS are also available upon request.

To donate to the IAHSP® Foundation, please Click Here.  You will be directed to a secure payment portal where all proceeds are deposited to the IAHSP Foundation Bank Account.

Thank you for your support!  We appreciate all donations, big or small, that allow us to help others in need!

For questions on donating to the foundation, please email [email protected]