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IAHSP® Messages for Motivation


Be Inspired and Be Motivated! 

In Business it can be hard sometimes to keep our attitudes positive and stay forward focused when so much of LIFE comes at us from many different directions.  Barb Schwarz, the Founder of IAHSP® and our IAHSP® Global Goodwill Ambassador shares monthly on our IAHSP® Chapter calls, and her messages are posted here on this page for you to reference and read over and over.  Enjoy!
‘Life Thoughts with Barb Schwarz‘ 
“When is the last time you congratulated Yourself? I am talking about when you succeeded at something you did!  This is a very important thing to do. Yes, I just said to Congratulate yourself.
1. It is good for your self esteem.and confidence!
2. It is good for your creative talent to be acknowledged by you so as you say Congratulations to you also pat yourself on the Back.
3. Be thankful for your success whether it is a little thing or a huge one. Congratulate yourself and be thankful and grateful you did it!!!
4. Get up and dance as you celebrate what you are happy about that you accomplished!
5. Yell ‘Congratulations’ to you outloud as you dance. Over and over!
6. Celebrate your success. Have a little party for one which is YOU.
7. And remember if you dont Congratulate yourself then why would someone else.
8. Always remember you are a Miracle!!!  There is only one of you and there will never be another you.
Is this being an egomaniac? Is this being self centered In a bad way?
NO IT IS NOT!  You are a gift to our planet. Remember that and know that to do your best it is crucial that you celebrate, hug, compliment, and love you! When you do this your life will change in a positive fabulous way. You will smile more. You will be less stressed. You will have more fun. You will see and feel more joy I promise you.

Celebrate yourself in a humble grateful way and the universe will also celebrate you everyday!”

“Hope is a good thing. Maybe the BEST of all things… And no good thing ever dies.  Enjoy the life you have now.”

We all need to remember that spring is a time for New Beginnings. We’re never where we were only six months ago, even if we are successful.   Here are Six ways to ways to help us be forward focused:
  1. Monitor our Inner Dialogue: Become the ultimate observer of ourselves
  2. Banish Doubt: Think in “no limit” ways. Become a doubt-deficient person. What we want does exist.
  3. Practice Unbending Intent: God wants us to be happy and abundant. Have an attitude of intention and expectation.
  4. Act “As If”: When you believe, ideas do come.
  5. Feel Abundant: This goes beyond what others think of you. Detach yourself from what others think. Allow ideas to flow to and through you.
  6. Live in State of Thanksgiving: Be thankful for the gift of being able to serve humanity, which is what you do. Live your life purposefully.
Summer brings joy and opportunity for us and our businesses.  We can compare changes in our business to a thriving garden from winter to spring, and now to summer. “Now is the time to seize every opportunity and to live in the moment.”  As with the changes in a garden, there are parallels in our lives and businesses:
  1. We can’t always see the answers to our problems but know that everything you want is already within you, it just needs to work its way out.
  2. With the changing of the seasons, nature brings new growth and the earth bursts forth with prosperity
  3. As with “word ruts” and “thought ruts,” we tend to get into behavior ruts. There is a circle of behavior which includes emotions, thoughts, intuition, speech, action and emotions. Tap into intuition before making decisions. Ponder the circle of behavior and act accordingly.
  4. I am responsible for what I think, feel, say and do. “Responsible” is a wonderful word because we can choose to think other (better) thoughts, choose to say other things and choose to act differently.
  5. Tell yourself, “I can do this,” and “I love myself regardless of what I do” because we all make mistakes
Good health is so important. We must be healthy to thrive in our businesses. Diet can also affect attitudes so it’s vital to partake in a healthy diet. In order to have a more healthful life, here are ten tips:
  1. Go to bed. Get your rest. Sleep in a dark room with the temperature between 60-67 degrees.
  2. Exercise everyday.
  3. Stick to a regular sleep schedule. Go to bed and get up around the same time.
  4. Say yes to the extra cup of coffee (or green tea).
  5. Stay away from sugar.
  6. Spice it up (spicy foods such as hot chili peppers are good for you).
  7. Just add water. Stay hydrated.
  8. Eat less and stop eating when you feel 80% full.
  9. No food after 9:00 pm
  10. Eat your veggies and eat like the Greeks. A Mediterranean diet is good for you.
Think about a vision for change, growth and self-acceptance. Life is about growing and there are five items we should consider in our lives:
  • “It is as important to release the future as it is to release the past.” We should “live in the moment” because it’s all we have. We should see the beauty around us each day, release the baggage and not focus so much on the future.
  • “Compassion for others comes naturally as you recognize your own limitations.” Our spirit thrives on compassion and not judgment.
  • “This is my world and I honor it as my own and graciously accept its gifts.” Love the gifts given to you. Creativity is one of those gifts.
  • “Let Go.” Creation takes place in the void. Creativity is such a beautiful gift. In the gap (or void) you release everything else and are open to what comes to you.
  • “Accept prosperity in every form the universe offers it to me.” Sometimes we think we’re not worthy of good things and sometimes we “self-sabotage” ourselves.

“It is as important to release the future as it is to release the past.”

Value the present

• There are 86,400 seconds in a day and 1,440 minutes. Treasure every moment.  Be present in the moment. • Time waits for no one.  You cannot save it up for tomorrow.  If you fail to use your time in the best way, you will lose out. • Be productive but remember that relationships are what really matters.
We need to discuss the importance of “awakening.”
“Awakening is the mystery on the inside of us which is where our creativity comes from.”
We have a little space between every thought and that’s where our soul lies. This area is our ticket to freedom, peace and joy. The more we get in touch with this space, the better our thoughts and actions will be.  To live an “awakened life” is to be in the “here and now.” To live in the present.

Think about these quotes:

Fear is the cheapest room in the house.

Fear is the thief that comes and robs you of your creativity.

Ask yourself, “What’s your best intention?”


  1. Every day we encounter changes. Life is Change. Embrace change.
  2. “Wherever you are is the entry point.” Each thing that changes is a new beginning. Resolve to keep with you the “I” as we look at the “We.”
  3. Your intellect, curiosity, creativity and strength is important. Walk ahead with confidence and personal conviction. Be true to you.
  4. “Do not doubt the good.” There is a higher plan in motion and face your resistance to change because change is life. Believe in the good that comes towards you and release the fear.
“Every moment of your existence, you are growing into more or retreating into less.” Choose to embrace the change!

IMPATIENCE – How do we deal with this emotion?

  • The remedy is to surrender.
  • Accept that things can go at a different pace than what you’d like, then pause and step back.  Stop. Breathe. Relax.
  • Fear is often an underlying emotion for impatience. When you feel impatience, shiver for 90 seconds and notice how peace and calm will overtake your body. The physical energy has moved and that enables you to move on.
  • You can alternatively growl or scream into a pillow or lean against a wall. The point is to expend and move some physical energy.
  • Accept that people and things are the way they are and not the way we want them to be sometimes.
  • Resist the temptation to always have an answer or solution at the ready. If you don’t have an answer, there’s nothing wrong with saying, “Let me think about that.” You don’t have to blurt out an answer.

 Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.

How we should handle a crisis in confidence, particularly when others criticize your work?

Remember that the first person you reply to is yourself.

It’s a choice how you respond to your own thoughts. Not about what others say, but about your reply. It all comes down to the dialogue you’re having on the inside with yourself. It takes “constructive self-criticism” to get to where you want to be.

Accept that you are a “CREATIVE GENIUS.” There is no such thing as failure. We must build faith in ourselves. Change the word “failure” to “experience.” Then it’s not a failure because you learned so much. Framing he way we think and speak make a huge difference in our attitude and confidence.

When did you last congratulate yourself?

Do four things:

1. Congratulate yourself. When you succeed, congratulate yourself. This is good for your confidence and self-esteem. 2. Thank yourself for your creativity. It’s not about being conceited. 3. Be thankful and grateful. Our creativity is a gift and we should be thankful that we have it and are able to use it in the way that we do. 4. Celebrate your successes. Get up and dance when you celebrate what you’ve accomplished. Celebrate yourself in a humble and grateful way and the universe will respond.


We all want to be HAPPY in our lives!  Do these things daily in order to live a HAPPY and JOYFUL life!

Do things to keep in touch with WHO you TRULY are!  Write down 2 things every day that you appreciate about YOU!
Listen from within for answers to questions – trust your inner-knower.
Give up expectations.  People are bound to disappoint us and when we have expectations that have not been communicated, we are bound to get let down.
Turn EMOTION into MOTION.  Take action from a place of positivity.