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IAHSP Wholesale Buying Program


IAHSP® offers our members the ability to SHOP Wholesale with our VENDOR PARTNERS and save even MORE than you can on your own with a resale/wholesale license.

There is POWER in numbers!

Our GLOBAL INFLUENCE makes us a STRATEGIC PARTNER for companies that sell FURNITURE, ARTWORK, DÉCOR, SOFT GOODS, RUGS and anything else you need for your Staging company.

Why Buy Wholesale?

The word wholesale simply means selling in bulk quantities and retail stands for selling merchandise in small quantities. A wholesaler sells goods to the retailer who mark it up and sell it to the public. 

  • The wholesale price or trade price is the price of products when they are sold in bulk by wholesalers to retailers.
  • Wholesale prices are less than retail prices.
  • SAVE $$$ – That is WHY we buy WHOLESALE!  Make your dollars go farther!

First Step: JOIN IAHSP – www.iahsp.com

How the IAHSP® Wholesale Buying Program Works

How Regular Pricing Works:

As a Home Staging Professional, you can get Designer Discount or Design Trade Discounts in any showroom.  This is usually a 20% off Retail.

How our Wholesale Buying Program Works:

As an IAHSP® Member, you can get STOCKING DEALER PRICING from our Vendors.  This is usually minimum 40% off Retail!

Example of Savings:

Designer Trade Discount:  $9,600 (20% off retail)

Retail price:  $12,000

Stocking Dealer Pricing:  $7,200 (40% off retail)

YOU SAVE:  $4,800

IAHSP® Wholesale Buying Program:

  • Some of our Vendors have Special Freight rates
  • No MINIMUM Opening Orders
  • Or Reduced Opening Orders

ALL this saves YOU $$ so you can purchase MORE!

Our Special Negotiated Pricing

We have negotiated special pricing you can find by going to www.iahsp.com and logging into the site. Once in the site, you scroll down to the IAHSP® VENDOR DIRECTORY link. When you select that, it opens up all the COMPANIES we have special arrangements in place, with more being added all the time!

Want to Shop Wholesale Markets?

Depending on what market you want to attend, you can join us for one of our Wholesale Market Tours. Go to: ShopWholesaleMarket.com

Vegas – January and July

High Point – April and October

Atlanta – January and July

Dallas – Year Round – January and September Home & Gift Shows