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2023 IAHSPConEXPO Call for Speakers

IAHSP® is hosting the Home Staging Industry Event of the YEAR that we plan and provide as a CELEBRATION of our industry. With EDUCATION, NETWORKING, and VENDOR EXPO, our conference offers, IAHSP ConEXPO Family Reunion brings you the best of the best to help you advance your business growth and success.


If you are interested in being considered as a Speaker, please provide your topic outline in detail (45 minutes) and why you should be selected by December 2022. If you are selected, you will receive notification from us and the next step would be to obtain your bio and head shot.

There will no solicitation allowed from the platform such as selling added programs or information to attendees in order for them to learn topic information. The information shared must be WHAT to do and HOW to do it. We want our attendees to come away with actionable items they can successfully implement during the session or immediately following. Thank you!

Jennie Norris – IAHSP Chairwoman

NOTE: In addition to the need to dive deep into topics, we will we require any handouts or reference docs to be provided to attendees during the conference. They can be uploaded ahead of time to our conference app. The goal is every attendee comes away with in depth education on what they need to do and why they need to do it.



Home Staging Industry Professional Standards and Annual Continuing Education Update

This Designation will share with the public that those who have earned these credentials are professionally trained in and are up to date on market trends, real estate industry trends, style trends, code of ethics, and best business practices.

Various speakers throughout the conference will be speaking on the topics required to receive your IAHSP-Pro Stager CE Credentials.

Here are some theme and topic ideas that come from the movie that might inspire your submission (you do not have to use these – you do want to have a topic that ties into the Greatest Showman movie):

THIS IS ME: Share your journey of success whether you are newer or a seasoned pro, your story impacts others. (Your story should be about WHY you got into Staging, WHAT you found as you started to grow, and WHERE you are now.)

REWRITE THE STARS: Share how you had to shift or overcome challenges in your business, and what you found works. Overcoming doubters or those who want to hold you back is part of running a business. (mindset, attitude, building belief, rising above fear)

THE RING MASTER CONTROLS THE CIRCUS: How do you run your business to avoid chaos and feeling like there is a circus happening in your business? How do you work with clients to avoid feeling like you are out of control of the process? (logistics, team building, growth strategies, handling client concerns and situations)

BE THE BEST PROMOTER: Marketing is crucial for success in any business. How do you promote and market your services in ways that are proven to work? Share specific marketing strategies in detail. (marketing, branding, results-driven focus)

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: No one can build your dream except you. How do you keep your attitude focused on the positives and what advice do you have for others who need this skill? (mindset strategies, where to find the positive people)

BEING UNIQUE IS MEMORABLE: What makes YOU and YOUR business unique and special? Being different is good in our industry and we want to celebrate the diversity and creativity of our industry pros. (what sets you apart from others? Your unique differentiating factor is ?)

IMAGINE THE FUTURE: Trends for color (interior & exterior), Furniture, Art & Decor Style Trends, Real Estate Industry Trends, Process Trends – we need to be at the forefront of the industry trends and know what is coming and what is going.

THE GREATEST SHOW: The services we offer provide a showcase for properties. Vacant Staging, Occupied Home Staging Consultations, Remodeling Consultations – what do YOU offer that helps a property look its best before being SHOWN to buyers? (share how you provide services and why what you do makes a difference)

DON’T PACK UP YOUR TENT: Do you have staying power? When the going gets tough do you pack up your tent and go home or do you have what it takes to SUCCEED despite circumstances and challenges? (Commitment, Goal Setting, Growth Strategies, Exit Strategies)

If you are interested in being considered as a Speaker, please FILL OUT THS FORM and submit on or before Oct 1, 2022. Provide your topic outline in detail (most sessions will be 30-45 minutes) and why you should be selected. Form includes uploads for a headshot and your session overview.

If you are selected, you will receive notification from us by December 2022. We thank you in advance for wanting to contribute to our 2020 IAHSP Conference and EXPO.

We wish ALL those who want to help their colleagues by sharing vital information could be selected to speak. The fact is we have limited space available and we have pre-identified the topics based on the feedback we received from our past event attendees.