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IAHSP® S.C.A.L.E. Program

IAHSP® S.C.A.L.E. Program

S.C.A.L.E – Start – Climb – Advance – Lead – Elevate

Are you ready to SCALE your business and learn what it takes to make success happen? Scaling a business means setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company. It means having the ability to grow without being hampered.

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs understand the ONLY way you can SCALE is to put systems, processes and people in place NOW so you can structure your growth to ultimately work ON your business, not IN your business, and create a successful, sellable asset.

Take the journey now and build a business that becomes your legacy. Now it is time for the S.C.A.L.E. PROGRAM with a business manual of 120 pages of vital content that IAHSP® put together to help you advance your business so you thrive long term.

This program will teach you the five pillars that support your business growth and includes forms, templates and guides that you can customize for your business planning. Growing a business that provides viable income to sustain your lifestyle is the key. Being able to sell this business in the future to provide retirement income or allow you to venture into another type of business is the goal. Start your Success Journey now! Let IAHSP® show you the way!


  • Structure – Where you are right now – which Role are you Playing?
  • SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures – Documenting Processes
  • Strategies for Success – Developing New Strategies and Revenue Streams
  • Sales – Marketing & Sales Processes for Success


  • Costs – Operating Budget and Profit
  • Company Culture – Identifying Your Underlying Company Characteristics
  • Commitments – Defining those required by Team and Clients
  • Client Retention Strategies


  • Administration – Putting the Right Team Players in Place
  • Apps – Using the Right Tools to help you Stay Organized and Grow
  • Alignment – Ensuring Your Goals and Vision are in alignment
  • Automate – Put systems in place that save you time and effort


  • Logistics – Ensure support processes are effective
  • Leverage – Determine how best to delegate to others to leverage your priorities
  • Learn – Continue to learn your role as the CEO of your company


  • Empower and Entrust – Giving responsibilities to trusted team members
  • Edify – Praising the process and team to retain quality team members
  • Engage – Create opportunities for meaningful conversations and listen to team
  • Exit – Plan your eventual exit from the company

The SCALE Program shows you how to build a successful, sustainable, and sellable company from the start. You grow at your own pace, and have all the tools in place to ensure your success.

Investment is $3275 – Ask about our specials that can help you save $$ off this powerful success program.

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