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Senior Staging Specialist Designation Course – SSS

IAHSP Senior Staging Specialist – SSS

Selling a well-loved home of a senior home owner can present unique opportunities for Home Staging. Mature adults have a lifetime of items and memories to be reviewed, managed and moved. A combination of decluttering the home and Home Staging will bring a return on that investment in that home.

This presentation, Senior Staging Specialist, will review Home Staging solutions for the long lived in home. The unique needs of an older person living in a house for many years can be a challenge when relocating. Respecting and addressing family treasures and emotional attachments will be addressed and discussed.

There are new business opportunities in the senior market for Home Stagers. We will explore how Home Stagers bring value and expertise to the investment of Home Staging to help sell the Senior Home.

Course outline

  • Who is a Senior and why is this an important market for Home Stagers
  • Unique attributes of the senior real estate market
  • Preparing to right-size for the new home and the potential that this is the final move
  • Elder issues
  • The team approach to senior Home Staging
  • Developing a plan for Senior Home Staging success
  • Addressing the much loved, long lived in home
  • Organizing solutions when there is lots of stuff
  • How to handle the homeowner’s cherished memories
  • New business opportunities for Home Stagers in the senior market
  • Marketing to the senior home owner

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