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Staging Industry Diversity Coalition

In the fall of 2019, Jennie Norris, IAHSP® Chairwoman, asked Deborah Plowden to serve on our IAHSP® International Board as the Diversity Director with the goal of finding ways to attract more minority home stagers into the industry and in leadership roles. We made the announcement in December 2019, got through the holidays and entered 2020 full of hope!

We have had a lot of distractions due to the global pandemic, and we had not had an opportunity to further develop this role. A few weeks ago, it became evident that our foresight in appointing a Diversity Director was fortuitous as we now have a very clear direction for this important position.

Deborah Plowden, IAHSP® Diversity Director

The Home Staging Industry industry leaders need to ask ourselves the important questions regarding current issues related to racism and equality, diversity and discrimination. It is not enough anymore to just share we are opposed to racism and discrimination, we need to take action. We need to demonstrate we are part of the solution, and not a silent advocate. Our goal is to ensure we are providing ways for those interested in being part of our industry have equal access and opportunities to learn and thrive.

Watch this Home Staging Talk Show Live Segment with Deshauna Barber and SIDC members:

It is not an issue that should be tip-toed around because we don’t want to offend someone else. It is not a political issue. This is a moral issue. This is a human rights issue. We need to stand together in support and stand against injustice to any human – no matter their background, race, gender, or beliefs.

We have created the Staging Industry Diversity Coalition (SIDC). This coalition will be comprised of minority men and women home staging business owners and headed by Deborah Plowden. However, to truly make the impact we want for our industry, it will take a village.

This coalition has the full support of IAHSP® and will be open to all industry members and not limited to those who belong to an association. We don’t want any reason for industry members to be excluded from the important conversations we know will be taking place.

– Jennie Norris, IAHSP Chairwoman

November 2020 UPDATE: The SIDC has been meeting each month via conference call to discuss initiatives and issues that could impact our industry. In addition, IAHSP released the IAHPS-CDE – Cultural Diversity Expert Designation and taught this as part of the 2020 IAHSP Virtual Conference & EXPO. The course helps those in our industry to best understand various cultures we may work with and/or employ as part of our companies. To learn more about the IAHSP-CDE, go to www.iahsp.com and select the EDUCATION tab.

If you would like to get involved and be part of the initial conversations to help with iniatives and direction for the SIDC, please fill out a form that will provide us with your contact information. Your information will be not be shared with anyone outside of the coalition.